GRAV and TailwindCSS

I’m trying to sort out using tailwindcss and grav. I followed the docs on installing devtools, and created a new theme with them using the tailwind template type.

First thing I noticed was the base.deafult was including the wrong CSS file, trying to include a css/app' ~ extension ~ '.css' when package.json scripts were building site.css

Second thing I noticed is the tailwind.config.js that it produced is missing the content section that tells Tailwind what Tailwind class names you’ve used (It’s using the older purge export?).

Hello @davis,

you get it working? You still need help?

After updating base.default and replacing app with site, and updating tailwind.config.js changing purge: [ … ] to content: [ … ] (and removing pretty much everything else in that file that overriding a lot of the tailwind base theme), it’s working.

Are they pushing fixes for this in the next release?