Grav and Markdown for Legal Documents

I really like Grav so far. But I’m still trying to find a better way to built a law library containing laws, regulations, opinions, and other documents.

Specifically, I’d like to perform these tasks:

1. Automatically split a larger file into chapters and sections. Then use the content on the Learn theme. For example, I have the Constitution of Germany in a single markdown document. Chapter and section or article headings are properly marked. I would now like to create separate folders and Markdown files for each chapter and section.

2. View the whole document or select chapter or sections only. After I have separated the document into chapters and sections, I would like to retain the option to view the whole document on one page. I particularly wish to view a complete chapter, containing all sections. This makes legal research much more efficient.

3. Customize bullets and numbering as needed. Numbering and indentation help lawyers read and cite legal documents properly. But there’s great inconsistency in numbering, sometimes even within the same document. For example, the new Hungarian Constitution has four parts: the first part has articles labelled by letters (A, B, C…), the second uses Roman numerals (I, II, III…), the third uses Arabic numerals, and so on.

While I understand there might be no tools or code written for these tasks, any contribution would greatly enhance tools for legal publication and research. I personally intend to use Grav for a nonprofit library.

Thank you,