Getting page to another page

Hi! Please tell me. Have a separate page for example: calendar. In this page, using the plugin “events” generated schedule on the calendar of the modular pages. Question: how do I get this calendar on another page of the site?
This code is not working:

{% include 'partials/calendary.html.twig' with {'page': child, 'truncate': false} '%}

Write from the phone , on the syntax do not pay attention.
I hope it is clear explained:))

I don’t use the “events” plugin, so i can’t test. But to include a page i use something like:

{% include 'overwiew.html.twig' with {'page': page.find('/overview') %}

Hope this leads you in the right direction.

Thank you very much for attention to my problem. See a good offer, later write.

Looks like my task touches a more complex approach. I have a page/raspisanie’ in which with the use of plugins datetools event is generated and a calendar with events. Trying to get this calendar on the main page. Modular page calnedar has such a file :

title: Events
cache_enable: false
            type: event

    limit: '0'
    pagination: true

This modular page contains child pages of the events:
The result is like this:
Now create a modular page on the main page:

title: calendary-home
cache_enable: false
        - '@page': '/raspisanie'
        - '@taxonomy': 
              type: event

    pagination: true

But nothing happens:
Any ideas? How to set items in the last file? It may be the case in the other? In any case, thanks!