Getting error while trying Multi-Language support

Putting a languages.yaml file in the root of theme folder causes error “Call to a member function mergeRecursive() on a non-object” in \src\Grav\Common\Themes.php.
Tried on Grav One-Page Site skeleton.

Hmm… This sounds like something that slipped by in my testing after I changed up some of the translation stuff. Let me debug and i’ll get back to you.

@maxl: @rhukster found the answer, but as he works so much in so many things he probably forgot to post it here too (it was posted in gitter), so here it goes:

About line 182 in Grav\Common\Config\Config.php
add system. in front of the ‘languages`:

 if ($this->get('system.languages', false)) {

Should fix it. It did for me.

I’m going to release 0.9.31 with this fix today. The issue was hidden because I had an extra file in my testing setup. Sorry about that. Just want to make sure there are no other major issues before releasing.