Getgrav HTML5 Video loop not working

Inserted the standart html5 video container, but in getgrav loop is not working for some reason. Nicely plays until the end, then stops, and when you scroll the page, some strange unexplained effects happen. The same code without grav works nicely and without any problems.

fallback_types in system.yaml does not help.

Any thoiughts what may cause the issue? How to debug it?



Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 11

It jumps to the beginning gain, and this is correct, but keeps standing, and strange rendering noise happens.

I’m not entirely sure what your problem is. Or what you are intending. Is the output HTML incorrect? If so please create an issue on the Grav issue tracker:

I have the same issue.

In Chrome browser HTML5 videos will not loop. I read on SO that it might be because the video response status is 200 OK when it should be 206 Partial Content or something.

Thanks, will investigate this week.

Any progress?

To make a video loop you need to add the loop attribute to the video tag. Just tested, it works.

Tried this. If the video is “playing” outside the grav, everything is working and is fine. But from CMS - no luck.

@Ёжик can you paste your page markdown file, to recreate the issue?

I can give you the access to bitbucket repo if you end me your email. As for now, i am using pretty much standart code:
The page markdown is empty.
— twig

So this is in a Twig? Just zip the user/ folder and sent me via Gitter, faster to test and recreate the issue.

Will be done in seconds

So the explanation to solve the problem is here: