Get URI segment data

Is it possible to get URI segment data from Grav? E.g. if I have a page on a site like this:

I want to get segment data for that page - so segment 1 == folder, segment 2 == page etc. Then I can do something like:

if segment2 exists then show sub nav

Etc… thanks

Hi, in Twig you can reference grav.uri.paths and that will return an array of the segments found in the URL

So you can check for example {{dump("folder" in grav.uri.paths)}}

Hi, yeah ok so that gives me this:

array:2 [
  0 => "test"
  1 => "test-child"

If i’m at /test/test-child… but how can I use that in a twig variable? E.g:

{% if segment_0 == "test" %} foo

Ok so I go this working:

{% if grav.uri.paths.0 == "test" %} do something {% endif %}

But this doesn’t work - any ideas?

{% if grav.uri.paths.count() > 0 %} this has a child {% endif %}

And got it…

{% if grav.uri.paths.0 %} do something {% endif %}