Get querystring from Url in template


I am relatively new to Grav and I have built my first site with it, but I am trying some new ideas and I immediately ran into a problem: I didn’t know how to fetch the query string from the URL when processing my twig templates.

I began combing the documentation, dumping out stuff with page|print_r and header|print_r and making wild guesses at other globals, google “grav query string” etc, but I couldn’t find anything.

What is, if it is anything, the way to get at the query string when rendering a page?

And while we’re here, what other global collections like “page” and “header” are available? (I couldn’t find an explicit discussion of this in the docs).

Thank you very much.

@claycle, Read some more docs… :wink:

On doc page Theme Variables:

  • See Quick Menu for other theme variables

  • From the Quick Menu, try URI:

    The whole list of the Uri object methods is available on the API site. Here’s a list of the methods you’ll find most useful.

    The Uri object has several methods to access parts of the current URI. For the full URL

You’ll find more details on classes on doc page Grav API:

AHA. Thank you. I never would have thought to look at “theme” variables as this seems more like “page” variables coming at it new.

Mindset altered.

Thank you.

@claycle, Well… it’s mostly themes in which you create templates and use objects and variables… Maybe it should have been called “Template Variables”.

Page variables? Nah, the variables are of all sorts: config (System, Site, Theme, Plugin, …), Media, Taxonomy, User, …