Gateway skeleton: Search function

I am using the Gateway skeleton theme and noticed the search function is not working correctly when I am in the blog page. I get an error while performing a search query. If I am in a different page(about, contact, home,etc), the search returns a match. The issue I am noticing is that the url should return
instead it is returning’ which is a page not found.
Anyone knows how I can fix this?

I found the issue being in the Gateway theme, it was overwriting a variable in the blog / blog post twig:

If you download the latest Gateway theme package you can try it, and confirm, then I’ll make a release of the theme.

Hi flaviocopes,
Sorry for the late reply. I didn’t redownload the gateway theme, but I did edited the files you have posted on a different thread and it works.

Spoke too soon. Now the categories doesn’t work. It needs the ‘blog/’ to return a hit.’

I have fixed the issue for category and tag links in the sidebar the way I know how. If there is a proper of doing it, please explain.

You will need to edit 2 files.
Find line containing '

  • {{ tax|capitalize }}
  • '
    Add ‘/blog’ ,
  • {{ tax|capitalize }}
  • ,

    Find line containg '{{ tax|capitalize }} '
    Add ‘/blog’, '{{ tax|capitalize }}

    I verified that this theme v.1.2.0 add “/search” when it resolved. When you search it return instead of

    I am using the gateway skeleton theme. Yours is without the theme it appears. The search link url should not include the ‘blog’. Have you followed @flaviocopes suggestion link and edit the 3 files. That should take care of the simplesearch.