Frontend form size adjustment

Hello there,

right now I’m trying to build ab a form which basically has generic columns (flex-style ;)). I saw that I’m able to assign certain classes to my fields, so I can change their width. BUT it only change the input part of the “form-field”-DIV it doesn’t change the size of all the other parts.

I know I can change the “form-field” class in general, but is there a way to change the fields individually??? I want some fields to be 50% and others to be 100% - e.g. street and housenumber should be 50% and message should be 100%.

Would be awesome if somebody has an idea to this.


Do you use antimatter (maybe as base theme)

You can create a template file in the same path as the plugin, like:

Take a look at user/plugins/form/templates/. You can overwrite every template by copying it (with the corresponding path) into your theme.

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Thanks, dude. :wink:
I’ll try it. :wink:

Saving my day. It’s way too late for me XD.

Oh, one question: I can create that file in my child theme right?

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Jup. You can. (20 character limit can be hard when answering yes-or-no-questions…)