Front-end form: select (multiple) not saving values


I created a front-end form to post. It’s using the great plugin grav-plugin-add-page-by-form from @bleutzinn .
I managed to create different forms and it’s working as expected. Even with the hurdle of image upload bug :slight_smile:
But in one of my front-end form, I have a select field with multiple: true as follow:

name: photo_type
type: select
label: select multiple options
multiple: true
      option1: 'option1'
      option2: 'option2'
      option3: 'option3'
      option4: 'option4'

All field values are saved but in the above field.
I get this in the frontmatter of the file:

photo_type: ' '

Does anyone have a clue? I’ve been searching but in vain.

Thank you

Probably something goes wrong with processing a select field in the Add Page plugin. Could you please create an issue in the plugin repository?

Thank you @bleutzinn for your prompt reply!
Done here GitHub issue #53.

Let me know if I can be of any help. Though I’m a front-end dev, my PHP knowledge revolve around views usually. But I can definitely test.


Quick update: as mentioned on the GitHub issue, the plugin does not seem to be at fault. I will file an issue on the Grav repo.