Form submitting issues

hy guys. simple issue.
contact form, recaptcha keys placed, email set, when submitting the form it will just reload the page.
reCaptcha doesnt show/pop-up neither on Safari not Chrome so I cant choose the pictures, etc …
Admin and plugins updated to latest stable 1.18 grav, 1.24 admin, other plugins updated as well. not sure if it’s a grav issue or hosting / htaccess issue or even my own issue (maybe i forgot a simple “.” somewhere)…

Did you add the form name attribute? Like in this example

hi Flavio, the page is copy/paste from the example with the addition of the reCaptcha. the site keys are there, the guys at the hosting company said it looks good from their end (email can be sent to and from the address defined ) so not exactly sure why the page just simply refreshes itself without posting the email or saving it in the data-manager Captură de ecran din 2016

it seems that somehow the recaptcha is now showing on the page and i can choose the pictures needed to be validated but the message still not being sent and the page still refreshing when submitting