Form submission from email 'from' field taken from the form. Doesnt work for gmail

Im trying to get what is input by the user as the ‘from’ field so when I receive the email I can simply reply. I have it working as below:

            from: '{{|e }}'
            to: '{{ }}'
            subject: 'MyForm - {{|e }}'
            body: '{% include ''forms/data.html.twig'' %}'

However, when I try this with a email I get “Expected response code “250” but got code “550”, with message “550 sorry, you do not have permission to send email from”.”

email plugin is setup and working,if I put in a made up email, for instance, I receive the email and can reply.

Ive searched loads and cant seem to find anything relating to this so I can only assume I am doing something wrong as it doesnt seem to be an issue for others.

This is not an error generated by Grav. You will probably have more luck searching the web and/or asking your mail provider.

I should have thought of this, thank-you.
I wondered how this can be the case as phpmailer on my current site works… it doesnt for googlemail com, I just tried it after your replay. Krystal hosting are blocking it. Thanks again.

From the docs

reply_to: "{{|e }} <{{ }}>"