Form fields in email are looking strange

Hi all!
Before updating “form” plugin to ver.5 I had the following form fields in the submitted email:

Name : John Doe
Email :
Message : This is a test message
What is five times eight?: honeypot-correct-choice
Please accept our privacy policy: Yes

After updating I have this:

This is a test message

John Doe

basically the email submitted now isn’t so clear as before, when all the relevant fields were clearly written in bold and followed by the related values,; moreover the validation of honeypot and of Privacy policy fields is missing.
I use grav with gantry 5 template, both updated to the latest version available.
I also opened an issue in Grav-form plugin #503
Is there way to revert to the previous version display?

It would be better to post answer separately and mark it as a solution

SOLVED I used this code in frontmatter

      mail: '{{ }}'
      mail: '{{ }}'
      name: '{{|e }}'
   reply_to: '{{ }}'
   subject: '[Contact] New message from {{|e }}'
   body: '{% include ''forms/data.html.twig'' %}'

done. sorry for the misunderstanding