Form - conditional field

i am trying to set up a form, that when a checkbox is ticked, it displays another field.

I think this is what the conditional field is for.
i have tried it in a page with a checkbox and its id set

condition: “id ? ‘false’ : ‘true’”

it only displays when i set the default, it doesnt live update when toggled

further to this it completely breaks a modular page.

am i using this correctly?

    - type: conditional
      condition: 'true'
      classes: overlay bottom

              label: New Field A
              type: text

              label: New Field B
              type: text


The conditional field will only evaluate the condition when the page is generated, not dynamically.
Condition has to be a ternary twig condition.
You therefore have to use javascript to achieve what you want.

Hope it helps!

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