Footer Menu

Grav has the ability to not-/show pages in the main menu, but is there anything that allows being able to specify pages should instead be shown in another (say footer) menu? Pages like, Privacy, FAQ, etc. are often secondary, so while they don’t need to be in the main menu, that still need to be readily accessible.

Forgive me this is covered somewhere, I have only been playing with Grav a few days, and am still getting my head around it.

you can use taxonomy to assign certain pages to another menu, or simply create a twig template wth your footer links coded directly in there .

Taxonomy idea seem to be a good one. Saves having to modify hard-links

Yah it sort of depends on how often you plan on modifying those links. Hardcoding is easier, but taxonomy is certainly more flexible.

In this case, the links are going to be pretty much permanent, so hard-coding is probably simpler.
However, the taxonomy thing (as alluded to at does open up new possibilities in content grouping. As you say, definitely more flexible.