Footer Menu translations


thanks to the easy language system I get a multi-lang site pretty quickly done. There is, however, a question on how to translate the footer links?

In a previous question it was discussed on how to create a footer menu dynamically via taxonomy tag (footer menu dynamically). But it was also mentioned that hard-coded links might serve the purpose in case they don’t change frequently.

But if I hard-code any links, how can I adjust the link text based on the language selected by the langswitcher plugin?

Any ideas how to set up such a language sensitive footer menu?

Hi, @MJR ono way could be to use translation via twig:
<a href="#">{{ "THEME_NAME.FOOTER_LINK"|t|e }}</a>
and put in the languages.yaml file of your inherited theme + add the translation you need

    FOOTER_LINK: Footer link text

Hi @b.da thanks for this suggestion, I will try to do it this way and report back, if this is useful for me.