Font files being blocked?

Hi, I recently uploaded some custom font files to my site, but they are being blocked (grav returns a 404 error) when I try to access them. Is there something I need to do to serve font files like woff from inside a grav site?

Nothing in particular needs to be done, but the path must be correct. A 404 means that the resource cannot be found, not that it is blocked (that would be a 403).

Where are the files located, what path are used to access them in Grav, and what URL returns as the actual path in console (Chrome DevTools, F12)?

sorry, to give you more information: I have a fonts folder setup as a “page” on the site, so I’m trying to get the URL to work. The file exists in a folder called fonts under pages, but it is coming back as a 404 error, so I’m confused about how the routing is supposed to work.

have you made sure the MIME type is set on the server config?

I have this set in the /user/config/system.yaml file:
theme: timeline
markdown_extra: false
markdown: true
twig: false
fallback_types: [png,jpg,jpeg,gif,mp4,ogv,webm,html,css,js,mp3,woff,eot,svg,ttf]

Is there another setting I should be looking for?

I was thinking more on your server. I had an issue like this years back and i could not serve font files - like .woff, .eot etc.

It would depend who you are hosting with. Let me know and i will see if i can find the right place to look for you

I have a staging version of the site on the same server, and I don’t have an issue serving the fonts from a non-GRAV directory or from within the grav theme folder. It’s just when I try to serve the files from within the pages directory.

I have your font working just fine.

I simple added the font-face to my CSS on my dev server, and then referenced the font-family in my CSS file and it worked fine.

Add the font face:

@font-face {
  font-family: 'sample';
  font-style: normal;
  src: url( format('woff');

Then add it to our CSS.

.someclass {
 font-family: sample;

Hope that helps.

yes, I copied the fonts folder to the public_html folder to get around the issue on our live site. I was hoping to hear if there was a way to serve the same content from the pages folder so that i could keep everything inside the theme’s git repository.

Can you not just add it to your theme’s font folder? and then reference them in a similar way to font awesome is?

I’m not looking for a long term solution. I ran across behavior that I did not understand while looking for a minimal effort patch for 404 errors. I’ll revisit the css stylesheet and fix the pathing when we return to this project in a few months. I figured out to drop a folder in the root of the site to fix the 404 errors, but I don’t understand why adding a similar folder to the pages directory didn’t work?

And I do get a 404 error when trying to access that file on the staging version of the site, not a 403.
I’m assuming that this is some sort of default error handling for GRAV with disallowed content types?

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