Firefox Developer causing Grav issues

I’ve used a flatfile cms before (Get-Simple) and migrated to WordPress several years ago. The lure of a flatfile approach hit again when I ran across Grav, so decided to try it out these last few days. Just getting an initial site running has been a real hassle, as so many functions just seemed to not work. Seeing that there’s so many likes for Grav, I had to assume it’s more on my end. Well that turns out to be true. I’ve been using lastest XAMPP on Windows 11 which has been a solid platform for localhost development for various systems - i.e. get-simple, drupal, wordpress, joomla, concrete 5.
So, how come the Grav issues? Well the culprit turns out to be FireFox Developers Edition. As soon as I switched to Chrome, walla !!!
There is an HTML God!

PS/ I saw similar issues with FF Dev , setting up Grav on another Windows platform and a LinuxMint system. Still love FF Dev, but !

@TisDaPlaz, Thanks for sharing.

It would be informative if you could share the issues you are getting. Any errors thrown for example by Grav or FF? Any odd behaviours?

Maybe a bit unrelated, but I remember I had quite a few issues with XAMPP on Windows. It required so much setting up to do. Switched to Laragon (as suggested in Grav docs) and never looked back