Feedback Installation and deployment problems


I just want to make a feedback after installing and deploying grab on my server.
I’m using Jenkins with Capistrano scripts to be able to quickly deploy on my different environments and my project is committed on a Git repo.

1/ install Grav core + admin plugin via the download page
2/ composer install
3/ bin/grav install
=> ERROR Missing .dependencies file in user/ folder
=> the only way to have it is via the grav composer install (and .dependencies it is not in the user folder)

1/ composer create-project getgrav/grav ./
2/ composer install
3/ bin/gpm install admin : Email and Login plugins plugins are installed and have vendor dependencies.
4/ Commit my project (including plugins but ignoring vendor repositories)
5/ In my prod environnement via cappistrano i depoy my project and launch the composer install and bin/grav install commands
=> Error 500 because Email and Login plugin dependencies have not been installed
=> In fact, there were not referenced in the .dependencies file : I have to add them manually (it should be automatic on plugin install i think)

Shou ld i open a bug ticket for those problems ?
Thanks !

if you download the core + admin package you don’t need to run composer install nor bin/grav install. You just unzip it and point your browser to the installation in your webroot as that zip package already contains the composer vendor dependencies as well as the antimatter theme and the error + problems plugin.

All the other steps are basically breaking a working install :slight_smile: If you clone from GitHub you will just need to do those steps.

Ok thanks.
Assuming i commit the user/plugin dir excluding vendor dir. I deploy my project (with capistrano) to my prod env.
Which command can i launch to install the vendor dependencies for all my plugins ?

Also, when deploying, i put the good rights on the writable folders but i still have a writing permission error : … cache/compiled/files failed on error mkdir() …

My user is in the www-data group.

I execute the capistrano commands :

set :writable_dirs_wwwdata, %w{cache logs assets images backup vendor user/data user/plugins}

fetch(:writable_dirs_wwwdata).each do | writable_dir_wwwdata |
    within release_path do
        execute :sudo, "chown myuser:www-data -R #{writable_dir_wwwdata}"
        execute :sudo, "find #{writable_dir_wwwdata} -print0 | sudo xargs -0 -r chmod 775"
        execute :sudo, "find #{writable_dir_wwwdata} -type f -print0 | sudo xargs -0 -r chmod 664"

I have noticed that some folders are created with myuser:www-data but in subfolders (like cache/compile/files) i have some www-data:www-data rights.

Cache folder files are created with web server user permissions, as added by Grav.