Feature Request - More granular info and documentation on plugins


Is there a way to request or suggest that when a person designs a plug-in that it would be required that they put in the documentation what plug-ins are not compatible with another plug-in, and add clear, precise install instructions?

Recently I installed a login/password plug-in and it messed up my site. ( It gave the Twig Template Error)
I was able to go into the plug-in config file and set plug-in active =false but my point is that is was not clear about :
What themes it may or may not work with
What plug-ins it would clash with
Better, clear, precise documentation on getting the plug-in installed and configured would be very helpful and more productive.

I also noticed that when I install plug-ins they get instantly enabled.
I would be safer to not have it be like that in my opinion, but rather be required to go into settings and enable it.

Thank You,

Sometimes its hard to be able to say that X plugin does not work with Y plugin. This would require the author to test their plugin with every other plugin available. That gets harder and harder with every plugin released. However the login and the form plugin are used frequently and are part of the admin requirements, so its pretty critical that other plugins work with these.