Failed to retrieve notifications in Admin

In the Admin plugin -> Dashboard, inside Notifications box no notifications load. Just this message: “Failed to retrieve notifications”

When I inspect developer console I can see a network post request to this url: http://localhost:8080/admin/notifications.json/task:getNotifications

Is it really supposed to post to localhost?

Are you using localhost to serve the admin backend?

Yes, Admin is served from localhost

Is your localhost running on port 8080? :slight_smile:

So because Admin is running on localhost the notifications will also load from localhost and not from (or some other centrally place)?

Anyway, the notifications will not load. Do you know why? It used to be OK, but suddenly stopped working.

Ok, I figured it out! Seems to be browser dependent.

Works in Chrome 64. Fail in Firefox 59.

glad you found it :slight_smile: