Facebook and Instagram plugins


Can someone fill me in on the general info here? are these plugins no longer viable because of a Facebook Api update?

Searching around in the posts, there seems to be little discussion on either and the Git pages seem to have not been changed in a while.

many thanks

@louigi, Not sure which plugins you are referring to because multiple plugins have Facebook or Instagram in their title…

But when looking at plugins named “Instagram” and “Facebook”, in particular their update rate and responses to issues, I would guess these as being abandoned.

Which does not mean they do not function properly… Only a test will tell.

Yes - thanks @pamtbaau , just wanted to get the confirm on that from someone with a bit more familiarity with Grav in general.

Instagram plugin is v1.3
Facebook is v1.7

I can say that the Instagram one doesn’t work because it’s definitely using the wrong url. I think I have a hope of fixing this as it’s a case of rebuilding the string in the php.

The Facebook one - I’m not so confident about this one, the requirements for Facebook according to docs in developer pages seem to include an auth token as well as appID and an actual page ID as well and the plug-in only includes App secret and App ID so I’m guessing it’s quite a while since this has been updated.

We have a premium plugin for Instagram that works and uses the latest api standards imposed by Facebook: Instagram Feed | Grav CMS

Thanks - I will definitely look at it. You aren’t building one for FB any time soon are you?

I also would be interested in the facebook plugin.

Bit of a late reply but I’m curious to know what do you think the Facebook plugin should do and how it would integrate with Grav?

Not the poster, but I’ve wanted to:

  • use it for auth
  • engage using it (embed chat/discussions)
  • share/like/add, all that
  • embed feeds - I have a hunch this is the main use case for IG too.

Probably many I can’t recall right now. Hope that helps.