Export Grav as documentation with section numbers


I’m trying to export a Grav site as a PDF with the usual Parts like TOC and numbered sections.
Using snappygrav-plugin I’m able to create a nice looking PDF with a TOC, but the sections are not numbered.
In the scholar theme (GitHub - OleVik/grav-skeleton-scholar: Grav Scholar supports a Markdown-based publishing workflow for academic-focused content, such as papers, articles, books, and documentation.) I see that the chapters in the side navigation are numbered as I would expect it in the PDF.
Is it possible to get a similar numbering in the export to snappygrav or is this not a feasible use case for grav.

Thanks for any hints,
Thomas Kriener

Might be easier to drop the developer of the snappygrav-plugin a line on github and see if he gets back to you as it something cosmetic the plugin would control, or try the grav discord server and see if someone is able offer some support, as a lot of devs hang out there.

iusvar/grav-plugin-snappygrav: SnappyGrav Plugin for Grav CMS (getgrav.org) (github.com)

Its not something that I have really used, sorry I cant help you more :frowning: