Event scheduling system

Hi! Is there a plugin that will allow people to schedule an event on the calendar? They have to choose from available hours.


Please help the community help you… Unclear posts are often ignored.

Is there a plugin

Did you search?

allow people to schedule an event

Please explain what scheduling an event means.
From the front-end, from the back-end (Admin)?

the calendar

What is the calendar?

Sounds like a language difficulty, meaning “a calendar”(??). But this interpretation also begs for more clarification.

I’m looking for a plugin that will enable people to choose a date from a calendar, book an hour and pay for the event. Is that possible? I have already installed the Proposal Plugin but it doesn’t seem to work that way: Login | Сватбен фотограф, семейни фотосесии, фотосесии за влюбени, детски фотосесии, портрети, сватбена фотография