Even smarter responsive images?

As we know, the format for including a responsive image in a Markdown file is:

![alternate text](image.jpg "Caption"){.class .another-class}

Grav will intelligently grab the actual file image@2x.jpg, generate the correct resolution image, display that, and cache it. I think Grav must be the only system smart enough to handle that and I love it.

But could Grav be smarter still?

I write a lot of my Markdown with a Markdown editor, instead of a plain text editor. Typora, in particular. Typora can display the image right in the text as you write it - it’s very clever that way.

But. If you type image.jpg, Typora looks for image.jpg, not image@2x.jpg.

I know I can provide the image.jpg file along side the image@2x.jpg file and Grav will do the right thing. But what if I called for image.jpg, there was no such file, but there was an image@3x.jpg file? Could Grav be made smart enough to look for higher resolution images if the situation called for it, and use the right one?