ErrorException in localhost with Gregwar vendor


I have installed grav on localhost running all of the latest LAMP software within Ubuntu 14.04. When I go to localhost:8000, I get the below attached error. It is ErrorException (E_ERROR) Undefined constant ‘IMG_JPG’

Then it gives this code:

Open: /var/www/anotherguy/vendor/gregwar/image/Gregwar/Image/Image.php
            $this->adapter = $adapter;
        } else {
            if (is_string($adapter)) {
                $adapter = strtolower($adapter);
                switch ($adapter) {
                case 'gd':
                   $this->adapter = new Adapter\GD();
                case 'imagemagick':

This only happens in localhost and not in the production site, so I assume there’s something missing in my configuration. This happens in both of my development grav installs.

Screenshot - 12312014 - 02:49:04 PM

Can you check your php info and see if you have GD extension installed?

OK, I see. Yes, that fixed the problem. I forgot to reinstall GD after I had re-installed xfce with ubuntu 14.04 so that I could get php 5.5 (Ubuntu 12.04 was stuck at 5.3).

Thanks for the quick reply.