Error on image-urls after upgrading to 0.9.30

I have implemented lazysizes on my site for the images (via which have been working nice until upgrading to 0.9.30 today. Now I am getting empty images with ressources not found. After investigating the source code there is now a difference in comparision from 0.9.29 to 0.9.30 in the source/data-source url-pattern: /themename/user/pages/01.home/_teaser/image.png?c1419a8a has changed to /user/pages/01.home/_teaser/image.png.

Are there any changes concerncing now?

@joville, can you give me the before and after in code blocks (see the questionmark in the forum text input box). I’m trying out work out if the URL is actually changed or if its a bad ‘paste’.

There was a change/fix for media timestamps, but it was always on before, and now it’s defaulted to off. You should be able to override with:

  enable_media_timestamp: true

in your /user/config/system.yaml

There shouldn’t of been any change to the URL method though.

@rhukster well, now it’s working again!

before upgrade:

<img src="/joville/user/pages/01.home/_teaser/joville1x.png?c1419a8a 1x, /joville/user/pages/01.home/_teaser/joville2x.png?c1419a8a 2x" data-src="/joville/user/pages/01.home/_teaser/joville1x.png?c1419a8a 1x, /joville/user/pages/01.home/_teaser/joville2x.png?c1419a8a 2x" class=" img-responsive lazyloaded">

after upgrade:

<img src="/user/pages/01.startseite/_teaser/joville1x.png 1x, /user/pages/01.startseite/_teaser/joville2x.png 2x" data-src="/user/pages/01.startseite/_teaser/joville1x.png 1x, /user/pages/01.startseite/_teaser/joville2x.png 2x" class=" img-responsive lazyloaded">

now with your input in system.yaml:

<img src="/user/pages/01.startseite/_teaser/joville1x.png?c0bd50fa 1x, /user/pages/01.startseite/_teaser/joville2x.png?c0bd50fa 2x" data-src="/user/pages/01.startseite/_teaser/joville1x.png?c0bd50fa 1x, /user/pages/01.startseite/_teaser/joville2x.png?c0bd50fa 2x" class=" img-responsive lazyloaded">

The first codeblock is from livesite. I have changed the slug on local but it is the same.

So all good now?

Yes! Thanks! :slight_smile: