Resizing images by default issue

I’m trying to get all images to be filtered by default (such as resize), so I ran this experiment:

I have changed user/config/media.yaml to include

    type: file
    thumb: media/thumb.png
    mime: application/octet-stream
          - enableProgressive
          - [cropResize, 500, 500]

And set

  cache_all: true

In user/config/system.yaml, but this seems to have zero effect on any images. I cleared cache, refreshed page, etc… the image caching is working, it’s creating new images, but the [cropResize] filter (or any other filter) don’t seem to be working at all.

Does anybody know how to get images to get filtered (especially resized) by default?

Thanks for any help.

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I have the exact same issue. I want to resize all uploaded images.

However the cropResize defined in user/config/media.yaml doesn’t have any effect - even if I re-upload my images. I also set cache_all to true and cleared the cache. I also made sure, the image tag doesn’t contain any further image filters.

I searched for hours already and don’t find any solution. Any help would be appreciated!

This would be a great feature, I too would like this working.