Error message: getimagesize(): corrupt JPEG data

Hi there,

I have built my first page with Grav using XAMPP on my local without any issues, but when I uploaded it with Filezilla to my webspace I received the following error message:

getimagesize(): corrupt JPEG data: 68 extraneous bytes before marker

All image files have the correct file extension .jpg. Not sure what to do really.
Any idea how this can get solved?

Thanks in advance.

Klicking the Google Link in the purple area there is a stackoverflow post:

Maybe you should check that. You stated you have used XAMPP and this runs on Windows. Windows is less nitpicky about filenames and mime types.

Thanks for the link.
I have changed all JPEG/jpeg to jpg now, unfortunately that hasn’t solved the issue.

Re the jpeg codec using gd.jpeg_ignore_warning, where would I have to actually add that to the code? In which file is that? Can someone provide help here?


This is done in php.ini. It depends on your provider, whether you can override some or all of their settings. See here for info: