Error after latest update

I now receive a “DOMDocumentFragment” exception when I visit the Blog page (see attachment).

I am using the “One-Page” skeleton and I’ve manually added some blog pages (not the “blog” plugin). I’m also using Inheritance.


Brian U.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 11

The page is located here …

Yah saw this earlier today, it’s related to the new truncateHTML. It’s supposed to be more exact, but as it uses DOMDocument, it is more sensitive to invalid HTML. I’m thinking about rolling this back to the less accurate previous version, that was at least more reliable.

BTW, the quick fix is to find the offending page, by unpublishing them until it works, and then putting a manual summary delimiter in: ===

I saved a backup, I’ll just rollback until I see another update. THX!

I’ll get an update out tomorrow with this addressed.

Awesome … THX!

Btw if you have a copy of the page that was causing the problem I would appreciate a copy of it so i can test a fix.

I think i have a solution. Pretty sure the error was caused by an & in the content, and that needed some extra escaping an unescaping as the content gets converted into XML in this new method. Would be really handy to see the page in question though to make sure the new fix works for you.

Sorry, I was away for few days. I just updated everything again and it all seem to be working fine. THX!