Error 500 when trying to edit pages via Admin Panel

Hello everybody,

I am on a deadline and it would be really great if someone could help me. Yesterday, I wanted to edit a page via the admin panel. Unfortunatley, opening any page via the admin interface results in a 500 error. The site itself works fine, all other function of the admin plugin work as well. I already cleared the cache, enabled rewrite and checked permissions. The permissions of the page folders/file seem to be alright. What else might cause this issue? Thanks in advance for your answers!

@Olivander12, Hard to tell…

Someone else experiences a similar issue when updating pages using Admin: After recent update, cannot edit Pages from Admin anymore - HTTP 500 Error · Issue #2174 · getgrav/grav-plugin-admin · GitHub
Unfortunately, no solution is provided.

It is also a hard to tell from a distance without much context…

What has changed since last successful page update using Admin?

  • Upgrade of PHP?
  • Upgrade of Grav?
  • Upgrade of Admin?
  • Upgrade of plugin(s)?

Do you have a backup of which you know Admin is fully functional?

Thanks for your answer. Glad that I am not alone with my problem. I have a pretty vanilla setup, only few plugins are installed, disabling all of them did not help.

I have a working back up, but the content is not up to date as well, so I probably have to reinstall grav and copy the assets manually. Hope that helps.