Emoji/smiley plugin


I’d like to migrate one site for non-profit org from Textpattern to Grav, but, unfortunately I do not see any plugin which allows using of emojis (smileys)?

The only thing which I’m familiar with from the past is grav-plugin-smileys, but it is broken, unmaintained and does not work with utf8-enoded text (see this issue), so wonder if I’m missing something or some other recommendation how to migrate and/or use site which has a fair usage of emojis?

Yes, there’s no grav plugin.
But you could use html.

Is there some shortcode helper for that since remembering hex/dec codes for entering emojis is not the best option?

Yes, it’s a workaround.
I don’t know if there’s a shortcode helper.
Anyway I wouldn’t recommend using emojis a lot.
Maybe this helps:

OK, I’m looking into some emoji-plugins for vim…

I agree, but that’s migration of old site (content), so would like to preserve it. :wink: