"Embedding Form (import@)" example not saving data in page header

Hi everybody!

I’m currently using the latest Grav 1.6.23 + Admin 1.9.13 and the default Quark theme. I’m following these instructions on a new Grav instance. The fields are rendered correctly but the data is not stored after saving: the list is empty when it should not.

Am I missing anything?
Thank you very much!

@giulio.scattolin, I presume you are using the example in a page blueprint?

When creating a blueprint for a page, fields that need to be saved into the header of the page need to be prefixed with header.

So, in your page blueprint, the snippet for the included form should then look like:

    header.gallery.images:  <-- Added prefix 'header.'
      type: list
      label: Images
          type: text
          label: Image

After adding items ‘image1’ and ‘image2’ to the list, the following values will be added to the page header:

      src: image1
      src: image2

Hope this helps…

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