Emails not coming to gmail

Hello everyone, I did everything according to the gmail instructions for connecting gmail. The website shows that the letter has been sent. But nothing comes in the gmail.

enabled: true
from_name: null
to_name: null
  enabled: false
  flush_frequency: '* * * * *'
  flush_msg_limit: 10
  flush_time_limit: 100
  engine: smtp
    port: 587
    encryption: tls
    password: app pasword
    auth_mode: null
    bin: /usr/sbin/sendmail
content_type: text/html
debug: false
charset: null
cc: null
cc_name: null
bcc: null
reply_to: null
reply_to_name: null
body: null

I noticed I have it like this in my config:

    bin: '/usr/sbin/sendmail -bs'

Don’t know what’s this -bs flag

I tried with -bs and nothing, emails doesnt come

Did you check for junk? Most of the time if your from domain doesn’t match the actual domain, it goes to junk. If that’s not the case, try talking to your hosting provider - ask them to check where the emails get stuck

in hosting support they gave me the following data:

NON-SSL/TLS settings:
Incoming mail server Settings: None
IMAP Hostname:
port number: 143
POP Hostname:
port number: 110
Outgoing mail server Settings: None
SMTP Hostname:
Port no: 25 or 587
Username: complete email address
Password: ****
While setting up your account, make sure you have enabled “My Server Requires Authentication”
Do not enable "Log on using Secure Password Authentication

in the settings indicated different options, but the letters never come

and new from hosting support:
I would request you to contact you developer to help you with this, as we do not provide the coding expertise
Your developer will be in a better place to get this cleared for you

@NataliaB, The value for property smtp:server seems like a weird Gmail server address to me. I would think it should be

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