Eliminate render-blocking resources

I am new to GRAV and I apologize for the silly question but how to do it:
Eliminate render-blocking resources”.
PageSpeed Insights shows me
How to change it in GRAV. How to eliminate it (I know that I should transfer to the end of loading but how?)? Thank you for any help.

You’ll have to adapt the templates, or use a theme that supports this, generally by it loading all scripts after the rest of the DOM and minimizing CSS-usage before the DOM starts to render.

Eliminating render-blocking resources is a process which requires putting some thought into the structure of the theme, and unless PageSpeed Insights suggest that there are severe issues, the investment of time to fix this is not often warranted. You can achieve 100% PageSpeed score, but you’ll get far by just making sure the templates are sensibly written.

You can read more about the structure of a typical base.html.twig in the docs.

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