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I set-up a site for which I want to share the pages edition but not the administrative part (something like a site Editor).

Reading the documentation, I found that a user can have only three role types: Admin, Site and Admin+Site.

Which are the admin properties that I can set-up in order to give a user only page edition power?



You can add additional groups and give them permissions on certain pages, like described here:

Thanks @hschneider for the info (certainly, it is very useful), but testing, I added one user with login access. Doing this, the user login into the site but cannot edit pages (at least I didn’t find how to do it).

Right now, what I did was to add them as admin, removed the ‘super’ privilege and added the ‘pages’ edition privilege:

login: true
super: false
pages: true

You should do it exactly like described in my post. Also keep care to ident the YAML code correctly.