Does premium plugin warm cache work with login plugin


I would like to purchase the warm cache plugin but have some questions.

I have a single instagram like page with a 1000 high quality images. I am actually quite surprised how well this works, they load very very fast still. There is only one problem. When I do an update it runs out of memory a couple of times before the page loads. In the admin panel it also takes forever for the page with attachments thumbnails to load. Has to do with caching, makes sense this happens. Now I can make sure the cache doesn’t get deleted by renaming the folder during update but that is a hassle.

My photo page is behind a login. My questions:

  1. will this work behind a login?
  2. if it runs out of memory, will this halt the caching process altoghether?

Any other ideas how to handle this are very welcome as well.

@Japhy, Please take some time to read the guidelines. Thanks!

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