Docker images for grav and skeletons

Hi, I know there is the PR about docker and docker-compose and there are at least a dozen other grav images on docker hub, but I still thought mine would be worth mentioning.

The framework for the Dockerfile came from I adjusted it slightly in order to install the 2 plugins which are essential for my deployments (admin, git-sync) and extended it to accommodate different skeletons. If some really cool skeleton is missing, it’s easy to add.

When you go to you’ll see over 20 different tags to start with grav right away. If you want a different skeleton dockerized, just create an issue on the repository or drop a line here. I’d be also super happy if the grav team would provide something like that, but I understand if this doesn’t align with their vision on grav and keeping it up to date is always a hassle.

Anyhow, I just wanted to share it, because I believe it’s a great way to start with one of those grav skeletons locally on your machine, without too many requirements (just run docker).


Hey there,

Thanks so much for posting this. Your repo was actually the one that has worked the best for me thus far.

I had one question - if I were to want just my /users/ directory look for a local dir on my host - is that possible?

Having a bit of trouble setting a volume in my docker-compose.yml

It seems to replace the entire /var/www/html directory with an empty /user/ directory

here is the docker-compose.yml file:
version: '3’

        build: .
        image: grav
        container_name: gravdocker
          - "8080:80"
          VIRTUAL_HOST: gravlocal.docker
          - ${PWD}/user:/var/www/html/user

Oh my goodness finally. A truly sane Grav development situation.

Someone give @pgrm a gold medal!!! is the single most useful util for quickly trying out skeletons… something I’d struggled with for a really long time “correctly” pairing a skeleton git repository (i.e. the user folder) with a dockerized bare Grav release. This removes all that hassle with dockerized skeletons that “just work”.

Very excited to dig into these, and try out the git-sync paradigm.
One question:
Does your workflow use Volumes at all to persist state for the “user” folder? Perhaps this is fulfilled by git-sync. Haven’t dug in yet.

Good work!

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