Disabling the date display from blog post

How do I disable that date icon from the blog posts.
Antimatter theme

You mean the date in the top right in each blog post?

<div class="list-blog-header">
    <span class="list-blog-date">
        <time class="dt-published" datetime="{{ page.date|date("c") }}">
            <span>{{ page.date|date("d") }}</span>
            <em>{{ page.date|date("M") }}</em>

Just remove the span in

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This should be done in a child theme then. Just copy over the template to your child theme with keeping the path to the template.

When overriding antimatter/templates/partials/blog_item.html.tiwg. you should have theme_folder/templates/partials/blog_item.html.tiwg. to override the template.

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Thanks a lot. it works

No problems! @chris_jung is also right about the child theme. It did not occur for me to write it because it’s something that always exists in every situation where you have to override script that is not yours.

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Thank you:)