Devtools - newplugin error

command: bin/plugin devtools newplugin


PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare static Grav\Console\ConsoleCommand::$grav as non static Grav\Plugin\Console\DevToolsCommand::$grav in plugins://devtools/cli/…/classes/DevToolsCommand.php on line 19


Is this Beta 3 of Grav v1.1? The DateTools plugin has the same error in that version as compared to 1.0.10.

I’m running the latest version of grav.

It might be worthy of an issue on getgrav/grav - at least since it appears to affect multiple plugins at this point.

I’ve fixed this in v1.0.1 which should be available soon. Was working fine in Grav 1.1 beta, but hadn’t realized there was a problem with Grav 1.0