Descriptive text at the top of a blog

Hi, new user of Grav here. I’m trying to make a website with two blogs. One will be news and the other blog with stories. I try to have some descriptive blog on top of the respective blog indices, but I’m unsure how to do that. If I write markdown in the it ends up in the blog-hero section. I’ve tried to make a copy of the quark theme and tried to add an extra variable to the frontmatter in

summary: This is some summary

And I added the following to the blog.html.twig below the breadcrumbs:

        {% if summary %} <p>{{ summary|e('html') }}</p> {% endif %}

But this is not displayed unfortunately. The paragraph object can be found in the html, so that’s okay, but how can I read custom variables in the yaml of the page?

Or is there any better way to do this?

@mke21, See the docs about 03. Themes / Theme variables / Adding custom variables.

@mke21, Any progress you would like to share with the community?