Define alternative content until the published date


I need a page to change it’s content at a certain date.
I am thinking to use the publish_date for that, but if the publish date is not reached yet, the page will simply not show. I would like to continue show the present content instead.
How can this be achieved?

EDIT: One solution I found:

{% block content %}
	{% if "now"|date('U') < page.header.change_date|date('U') %}
		{% set page = page.find(page.route() ~ '/prev') %}
	{% endif %}
	{% if page is not null %}
            <p>some content...</p>
	{% endif %}
{% endblock %}

And then define the alternative content in a “prev” subfolder.

Note: I can’t use the publish_date attribute as the page won’t exist in the current context for grav, so instead I use a custom ‘change_date’ attribute.

Still interested to know if there is a better solution.