default.YAML issue for modular blueprints


I have added a new tab in the default.yaml in "user/mytheme/blueprints

title: Mapajo setup
type: default
context: blueprints://pages
type: tabs
active: 1
and so on

It’s works and i have the ability to setup each primary page and subpages.

The issue is that when i use a modular yaml with its own customized fields, the system also display the customized fields of the default.yaml.
Mycustom.yaml contains :

title: Features
type: default

I have also added a default.yaml in my modular folder which not display the main tab as expected.

For each custom.yaml in my modular folder, how can i extend the default.yaml in my modular folder instead of the one in the blueprints folder ?

Not sure to be very clear :slight_smile:



Instead of explaining what i have done, i rather explain what i would like.

When i create a default page or a modular page, i would like a new customized tab. That’s the reason why i have create my own default.yaml in my theme folder and it’s well working.

The matter is that i don’t want to see this customized tab in my “modular template” Features.yaml for example

Thank you

I have found a solution.
The graal is very simple :
type: modular/default
instead of
type: default

How to become crazy with 8 characters …