Default Page Not Defined in Learn2


I get the following error when I use the “default” page file type in the Learn2 theme:

“400 - Template “default.html.twig” is not defined.”

I’m trying to create some “basic” pages for Contact Us and a Muut forums page; Chapter and Docs file types wouldn’t make sense for those.


Create a user/themes/learn2/templates/default.html.twig with

{% extends 'partials/base.html.twig' %}

{% block content %}
    {% include 'partials/page.html.twig' %}
{% endblock %}

That should work.

Should be there by default I think

Nope, not there. But I’ll try to add the above and let you know. THX!

Seems to work ok … THX again!

Yes. By “should be there” I mean, we should add it to the theme :slight_smile:

The learn2 theme is very specific to docs. There really is no need for ‘default’ because either a page is a topic or a chapter. Therefore only those are valid template types.

BTW, for your about-us page, simply use a topic template and don’t include it in the ‘docs’ taxonomy.

Good point, I’ll try that … THX!

BTW, should maybe remove the “default” selection and make either Chapter or Docs the new default selection in the dropdown, that would fix the confusion.