Date format in .md files

Is there a way I can specify UK dates in the format dd/MM/YYYY in my files and have Grav detect this correctly? I can get the dates to render in the correct format, but they seem to have to be formatted in US format in the markdown files.

At the moment I have to write:

title: "My post title"
date: 08/16/2014

I would like to be able to write:

title: "My post title"
date: 16/08/2014

I’m currently using the Mediator skeleton. Is there a file I can change to get this to work?

Try 16-08-2014

If I just use the format dd/mm/yyyy in the markdown files, then 01/08/2014 is interpreted as 8th Jan 2014 instead of 1st Aug 2014

Yes / is used for US dates and - for Euro dates. Try the dash approach I posted above.

Ah I see now! Thank you that works perfectly.

Cool, i’ve made a note to add this info to the docs for next time!

doh! already had it: Date Documentation