Custom page file type & twig macros

Utilising a modular setup for a page to create content I have created code blocks that can be edited via the Admin plugin. This is already hinted at via the modular page files: features/ showcase/ text. By Creating a custom type I have been able to created complex code blocks edited via the admin panel.

Enabling page level Twig processing and importing a Marco Template, content blocks can be created with a simple Twig call.

I am however having issue with the Markdown editor as it does not appear to be designed to handle multiple editors on a page, It works fine for editing, but previewing shows the content + any blocks rather than the block content being edited (not a big issue, I’ve not enabled previewing on additional editors) but inserting an image does inserts into all markdown editor fields rather than the primary content editor.

Are there plans to build on this side of the Admin Plugin? I am looking forward to the Pro Admin plugin :slight_smile:

Hi, I was wondering if you discovered anything more about having multiple markdowns on a page?

The image support for the main editor is pretty custom and very specific to grav main content, and image media files. We did provide support for additional markdown editors, but they are really intended for barebones markdown fields, not fully functional editors like the main editor.

This is not really an easy issue to solve, because Grav only has a concept of uploading media files into the main page folder like the main editor does. We would have no clue what to do with uploads from additional fields.

it probably is a bug though if you can upload into those other editors, and it shows in all. Really it should only be able to upload in that main editor. Please create an issue for this and we’ll get that fixed: