Custom order for a loop

I’m listing all the pages (from different folders) belonging to category “featured”, and I’d like to order them by a custom value. At the moment they’re being ordered by date:

{% for p in taxonomy.findTaxonomy({'category':'featured'}).order('date','desc') %} 
    {{ p.title }}
{% endfor %}

However I want to add an “order” field in the page header

- - -
// for the first page to show
title: Just a page
order: 1 
- - -
- - -
// for the second page to show
title: Not just a page
order: 2
- - -

What I want is something like .order(‘p.header.order’,‘asc’)

Is there any way to do this?

It should be something like: .order('header.order', 'desc')

Whoops, that was simple, works perfectly. Thanks for the help!