Custom JS in Page Grav1.7

I’ve upgraded a site from Grav1.6 to Grav1.7. In some pages I have custom javascript in script tags in This works fine in 1.6, but in 1.7 it seems to wrap the js in <![CDATA[ ]] and does not work. Any ideas?

@cleblond, I cannot reproduce the issue using Grav 1.7.28 when embedding the following inside page Typography:

  alert('Hello world!');

it seems to wrap the js in <![CDATA[ ]]

Does it seem to be so, or do you know it is so? I haven’t seen that behaviour before.

It’s definitely wrapping in CDATA. I get console error (Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ‘<’) from the <![CDATA[ ]] and it there when I inspect. I’m using the learn-git-sync theme. I’ve read the upgrade docs. I’ll have another look.

@cleblond, Theme Learn2 Git Sync is compatible with Grav 1.7 with respect to Twig auto-escape.

I haven’t tested other aspects.

Thanks @pamtbaau. When I disabled the tinymce editor integration the problem went away. Odd that this didn’t occur in 1.6.