CRLF changes after every update

Is there some setting I need to change in PHP Storm or Grav uses some unusual line endings? I already had 2 upgrades (1.7 RC2 >> 1.7.0 >> 1.7.3) and in both cases there were hundreds of files with CRLF changes only

@Karmalakas, Hard to say with the information given…

Firstly, I cannot imaging that the line-endings of Grav’s core files change over time. So I would first seek for a cause/solution at your end.

There are several places where line-endings can be configured:

And they might override each other.

Depending on which files have been changed, when they have changed, etc. one of the above is more likely then the other.

Probably should’ve mentioned I’m on Windows. Other than that, not much information I can give :confused: For now I’ve changed from System dependent to Unix/MacOS. Just updated Admin and Flex objects plugins and there weren’t any CRLF changes to commit, so I guess this might’ve helped. Will see how it goes on next update


And even if I committed and pushed nearly 400 files in total, Git PR shows only 37 file changes. I guess that’s good :thinking: