Creating serially numbered sub-pages


my Name is Michael and I’m a new Grav user. I’m trying to set up a blog page according to the howto in the documentation cookbook. This works so far.

When I migrated the blog posts from the current website I noticed that I have multiple blog entries with the same name but different dates. If one creates an entry with an already existing title/folder this existing entry is opened. As there are other, technically untalented users that should also be able to create blog entries I need a fool-proof solution to make sure they don’t overwrite existing entries. I would be perfectly happy when the blog post just get serially numbered, e.g. blog-post-00000 to blog-post-99999. But unfortunately I have not enough experience with twig and Grav, yet.

Would it be possible to achieve this, but only for sub-pages of /blog and how could it be done?

Best regards,

I think I forgot to mention that I’m talking about creating items with the admin plugin.